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Technical Category

  • To qualify, each DJ will present a 3 minute set demonstrating their beat juggling and scratching techniques
  • Four will proceed to the semi-finals


  • Qualifying DJ’s battle 2×2 minutes rounds

Technical Battle format

  • Qualifying rounds – 1 round of 3 minute set
  • Semi finals – 2 rounds of 2 minute sets
  • Finals – 2 rounds of 2 minute sets

Allowed Equipment

  • Cue-Points are allowed
  • Effects are not allowed


Showcase Category

  • Each team or individual will be allowed to use turntables, drum machines, Music Instruments and effect tools to perform a six minute set to showcase their musical talents

Showcase Battle format

  • 6 minute set
  • Minimum of 1 turntable in the performance
  • No equipment limitation

Allowed Equipment

  • No Limitation on Equipment
  • One Turntable must be involved in set